Which Terminologies to keep in mind for Cricket Betting?

Cricket is undoubtedly one of the most played and preferred sports today. Along With the rising fan base of cricket, there is also a rise in online cricket betting. Various online cricket betting sites have been introduced to keep up with the cricket betting practices amongst enthusiasts, making daily earnings happen frequently. Moreover, online cricket betting sites also provide punters with various tips and tricks about online betting, thus making their guessing skills more powerful.

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Betting terminologies

There is a wide range of areas where people can bet upon. It can last for various periods, be it one day or five days. Cricket betting has reached great popularity, and full credit goes to the cricket betting websites like Superwin that make it possible.

A few betting terminologies that need to be kept in mind in online cricket betting are as follows:

  • 1st over total run: It refers to the prediction made regarding runs which will decide whether the runs made in the 1st over will be “over” or “under” the already set limit of the betting provider.
  • 1st wicket method: This term refers to predicting how a wicket can be obtained. There are six different ways: LBW, run out, bowled, stumped, caught, and others.
  • Batsman matches: These refer to the imaginary duels which are formed between the batsman and the betting provider. The one with the highest number of runs wins the duel.
  • Draw no bet: This takes place when there are high chances of the match ending in a draw.
  • Futures: In this case, the betting takes place for an event that is yet to occur.
  • Hedging: Regarding hedging, the betting provider places the wagers on the other side. And this is done to reduce losses if the original bet is lost.
  • Lock: It refers to a situation where a bet can be predicted to be easily won.
  • Most match sixes: This is a prediction based on which team will score the maximum number of sixes.
  • Most run-outs: This is a prediction based on which team can take most of the run-outs whilst fielding.
  • Over/under: This refers to a scenario when the total score made by a team will be either more or less than the betting provider.
  • To win the toss: This is a bet made regarding the team expected to win the toss, most likely.
  • To win outright: This bet is made for the team who competes in more than one match.
  • Top team bowler: This bet is made upon the bowler who takes the most number of wickets in a team.
  • Underdog: This kind of bet is made upon a team most likely to lose the match.


Cricket betting has taken a great place in today’s cricket arena. Considering all the existing scenarios thoroughly, it is quite a high-paying task if the correct predictions are made. Many websites have also been developed regarding this, and from those cricket betting websites, punters can make themselves aware of some basic knowledge of betting and the techniques involved in doing so. Apart from that, the terminologies mentioned above should be kept in mind while setting foot on the betting field.

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